One Mistake That’s Costing You Money Right Now

August 1, 2021

I speak from many, many years of firsthand experience. So I know what I’m talking about.

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First things first. Is it possible you’re making more than one mistake that’s costing you money right now?


But let’s take it one step at a time, shall we?

So… what’s the one mistake? **drumroll please….**


Letting ANALYSIS PARALYSIS get the best of you.


Yeah, I know. Nice to meet you, Kettle. I’m Pot.

But I speak from many, many years of firsthand experience. So believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about.


How is analysis paralysis the one mistake that’s costing you money right now?

If you’re a business owner — or an aspiring business owner or even a serial daydreamer forever thinking about doing that big thing who has yet to actually do that big thing — it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve overthought something that’s ultimately stalling your success and achievement.

It could be something big. But I’m willing to bet it’s likely something small. Which sucks.

Whatever it is, it’s keeping you from getting to where you want to be because the only thing you’re really doing is creating stress, frustration and anxiety for yourself. Very little (if any) action is actually taking place. Not fun.

I’m no doctor, and no…. I don’t play one on TV. But in my experience, analysis paralysis manifests itself in several ways.

Maybe your overanalyzing tendencies really stem from a subconscious fear of failure. Or subconscious insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Or maybe even a subconscious fear of success. Yes, fear of success is a very real thing.


So how do you overcome analysis paralysis?

You have to name it. If you’re overthinking something, which in turn paralyzes you from taking action — give it a name. Call it what it is.

Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can overcome it.

It sounds so simple. And sometimes, it is. Other times, it’s still a complicated pain in the butt… but at least you know what you’re dealing with. And honestly, the peace of mind that comes with that can be a game changer.


TLDR — the takeaway

Time is money. Spend your time taking action and less time overanalyzing things.

Because the endless cycle of “I need to do this but <<insert lame excuse here>>” is costing you and your business money. It may not seem like it. But it is. Whether it’s the opportunity cost you’re missing out on, or the time that’s being pulled away from revenue-generating tasks.

The next time you find yourself agonizing over something — a big launch, minor website updates, making a decision that’ll impact your business, etc. — take a step back. Figure out what’s causing your analysis paralysis. Give it a name. And then act on it.

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